We interviewed Rubén Rolo, a CEINPRO undergraduate graphic design student who designed the merchandising and carried out other design work for this year’s festival. Rubén is a graphic designer who is eager to start working on projects and to start new challenges that require him to be demanding and learning.


First of all, congratulations because your designs were selected from among all the proposals received from your CEINPRO graphic design colleagues as the image for the festival.

Tell us, how was the process?
Well, it all started in the second term of class, when our teachers presented us with the Albaola project. The project consisted of making a design for the merchandising of the Itsas Festibala that was going to be held in Pasaia this year from May 26 to 29.

So my first objective was to inform myself about this event and to be able to find designs and information that would help me when carrying out the project. I met and informed myself about what the festival was about, and I began to sketch designs and ideas.

Although finally, after discarding several ideas, I decided to use the poster that the festival already had as inspiration. Having the poster as a starting point, I began to experiment with all kinds of shapes and colors trying to be faithful to the poster, to give it the identity it deserved.

Finally, I came up with a design which worked like a charm with the poster, and gave the Festival a powerful unity.

It should also be added that the design I made gave a wide number of options to the merchandising, which was also a very important point when making the design.


mochila festival

Tell us more about yourself, who is Rubén?
Since he was little I liked and really enjoyed drawing and creating, be it drawings or crafts. Since I was little I developed a lot of creativity, and I began to inform myself in worlds such as illustration, editing and creation.

Over the years I have been improving and training as a designer and creative, hand in hand with colleagues and teachers in all the studies I have done. And as proof of this, they are the logo that the Donostia City Council chose in 2021 as the image of its graphic advertising campaign against plastic.

And, finally, I am currently doing internships in Albaola. I’ve been in Albaola for about a month, and it’s great because I’m learning day by day from all my colleagues. Which make me feel incredibly good since I started.

How did you know Albaola?
The first contact with Albaola was a few years ago when I visited the museum for the first time. It was something that strongly caught my attention, the whole history of the NAO San Juan and the Basque whalers and sailors left me stunned. Unconsciously, the whole maritime world began to interest me more.

Who was going to tell me at that time, that after years of studies, I would end up doing internships at Albaola itself!

Why are you doing internships at the festival?
The reason why I started the internship at Albaola was because I won the Albaola Merchandising project that we did in class, which they chose over more than 50 projects that my classmates did. The news was unexpected, because we did not know what the Project Prize was. But when they told me that the prize was the internship in Albaola helping in Pasaia Itsas Festibala I was very happy.

What would you like to study in the future?
After completing an Intermediate Degree in Digital Prepress, and currently having finished the Higher Degree in Graphic Design, I would love to continue training in things related to this, and that would help me to be a better graphic designer and creator every day. Because design changes and evolves day by day, and I want to evolve and improve with it.