Pasaia Itsas Festibala presents its complete programme


At a press conference held this morning at the Juanba Berasategi Kulturgunea (Pasai San Juan), the programme was presented with all the activities that will take place during the festival and which have been developed largely thanks to the participation of local agents who were highlighted at today’s event. The programme includes a wide variety of activities linked to maritime heritage, culture, music, dance and gastronomy that will take place both on land, in the 4 districts of Pasaia: Donibane, San Pedro, Antxo and Trintxerpe, and on the water, all of which can be enjoyed from the 18th of May, with the start of the PRE-FESTIVAL of this second edition of Pasaia Itsas Festibala 2022 (PIF22).

The presentation was attended by Izaskun Gómez, Mayor of Pasaia and President of the PIF,  Xabier Agote, Director of the Pasaia International Maritime Festival and President of Albaola, Joakin Tellería, President of the Pasaia Port Authority, Harkaitz Millán, Deputy for Culture, Cooperation, Youth and Sports of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and Jesús María García de Cos, Deputy Minister for Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs of the Basque Government.

Izaskun Gómez opened the press conference by introducing the speakers and thanking and underlining the participation of the local agents. “Following the same philosophy of the previous edition, a large part of the programmed contents have been proposals that have come from local agents from all the districts and I would like to start by thanking them for also being part of this Festival.” After presenting the novelty of the pre-festival, programmed content to warm up the engines from 18 to 25 May, and mentioning some of the activities by district, she ended her speech by recalling that ticket sales will also have a charitable purpose and will be destined to two of the NGOs participating in this Festival: SMH (Humanitarian Sea Rescue) and Zaporeak.

Xabier Agote, for his part, gave an overview of the programme to be found on the water. As well as mentioning the presence of the big ships that can be visited, such as the Marité, La Recouvrance, the Shtandart, the Oosterschelde, the Scylla, the Mater, the Ring Andersen or the Atyla, and also the other 160 ships that will be sailing non-stop in the bay, he highlighted three unique moments of this edition: “The official opening with the entry of the boats that will take place on Thursday at 18:00, a starting signal that will provide a unique moment with a parade of boats of different types, ports, cultures and lengths entering Pasaia at the same time, the mixed regatta of boats that will take place on Saturday and the special activity that will be programmed on board the Shtandart on Friday and Sunday with the theme of interculturality, refugees and migrants.

Another highly anticipated topic was that of music programming, which was presented by Harkaitz Millán. Taking into account the characteristics and philosophy of the event, this year as a novelty a space has been reserved for new local promises that come from the hand of the Katapulta program. Going into programming details, on Thursday 26th, there will be three concerts in Pasai San Pedro, Oreka Tx, Thierry Biscary and Pao Barreto. On Friday 27th, however, Pasai Donibane will enjoy the concerts of Deñe, Mugan and Fetén Fetén. On the same day, Trintxerpe will host Kyxo, Lamiak and Liher. Finally, on Saturday 28th Rumbling Libs, Arima Soul and the Catalan group Fundación Tony Manero will be playing in Pasai Antxo.

In this regard, the deputy for Culture, Harkaitz Millán, has called for the renewal of the cultural calendar and the commitment to attractive and innovative content that generates wealth. Millán also pointed out that “this festival meets all the conditions: firstly, it contributes to the social and economic regeneration of Pasaia; and secondly, the festival emphasises one of the most valuable traditions and cultures of the territory. Gipuzkoa owes everything to the sea and our maritime heritage is a mirror in which to look at ourselves when tackling new challenges for the future”.

Joakin Tellería, from the Port Authority, wanted to underline how a festival of these characteristics has a positive impact on the Port of Pasaia and indicated that “The Port Authority of Pasaia collaborates with the Pasaia Itsas Festibala 2022 so that the success of participation and impact of the previous edition can be repeated, making the Port and its facilities available to them.”

Jesús María García de Cos, ended the press conference by remarking that “Pasaia is always worth visiting, but on the days from 26th to 29th May it will be inexcusable not to make a trip to this town to enjoy the image of large sailing boats sailing the waters of Pasaia, with the dozens of cultural and gastronomic activities that will bring together thousands of families from the Basque Country, Spain and other countries. People who will be able to learn first-hand about our maritime past, in a year that also marks the 500th anniversary of the first circumnavigation of the world by a Basque sailor, Juan Sebastián Elcano from Guipuzcoa”.


Full Programme in detail

You only have to look at the programme to realise that also in this edition a large part of the programmed contents will be carried out by numerous local agents from the four districts of Pasaia. New this year, there will be a pre-festival programme with activities almost every day from the 18th of May until the eve of the start of the Festival, where you can enjoy 3 screenings with a round table and a theatre programmed in Juanba Berasategi Kulturgunea, as well as several talks in Albaola Itsas Kultur Faktoria and in the Getaria Fishermen’s Guild.

Regarding the programme for the days of the Festival, from 26 to 29 May, can be divided into two main blocks: the permanent programme – such as exhibitions and stands, the craft market, live exhibitions of traditional trades or visits to the large ships – and the one-off performances, which will have a specific day, time and capacity. All of them with all the details are already published on the festival’s website. https://pasaiaitsasfestibala.org/en/program/ 


How to get tickets to enjoy this programme?

If, in addition to enjoying all the open content, you would also like to attend one of the performances with seating and tickets, this information is of interest to you.

Tickets will go on sale ONLINE on 13 May at 8:00 a.m., with a maximum of 8 tickets per person. A percentage of the tickets will also be sold in person at the INFOgune in San Pedro, whose ticket office will be open from 11am and will only sell tickets for the activities on the same day, with a maximum of 8 tickets per person.

Enjoying these activities has a double satisfaction as the Festival is non-profit and the money raised through the sale of all the tickets of the land programme will go to the NGOs Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario and Zaporeak, so the public of all these activities will also contribute in a small way to these initiatives.


How to access the festival?

The organisers wish to promote sustainable mobility measures, and for this reason, access will only be possible by public transport, whether by BUS, Euskotren or Cercanías. To facilitate this, the Ficoba car park in IRUN will be available free of charge, perfectly connected with Euskotren to get directly to Pasaia.

The Festival’s internal connections can be made by the BUS that links Pasai Antxo with Trintxerpe, the Txutxu train that will make the Trintxerpe-San Pedro route or the boat service that will connect the bay by water. The latter will be provided by the 4 motor boats to move easily from Trintxerpe to Donibane (Bizkaia Plaza) and from San Pedro to Pasai Donibane wharf.

All this information is much more extensive on the festival’s website, where you can even find the Transfermuga itinerary planner for all those coming from iparralde

All that remains is to wait for the countdown. 160 boats will fill the bay with sails, oars and culture and visitors will once again look out to sea, reliving the past and jointly celebrating Pasaia’s rich maritime history.