3 mast Schooner

Origin: The Netherlands

Year built: 1917

Place: Rotterdam

Technical details

Length: 50 m

Width: 7,50 m

Sails: 900 m²

After World War I, the loss of many boats and the rise in fuel-oil prices led to the maritime industry of the Netherlands investing in sailboats for cargo in order to reduce both risks and costs. At that time 500 ships of this kind were built in the Netherlands. The three mast schooner Oosterschelde transported, among other things, clay, wood, stone and straw as well as herring, banana and potato. In 1939, at the beginning of World War II, it was sold to a Danish company, thus becoming one of the most modern ships in the Danish fleet.

It later sported a Swedish flag and in 1988 it returned to the Netherlands, back to its original home. In 1992 they finished renovating it, this being the first ever renovation of its kind undertaken in the Netherlands. Today, it’s the only ship of its kind still in use, for which it’s been named a national monument.

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