The distinctive note of Pasaia Itsas Festibala is its clear bet to ships with heritage value. We give great importance to the authenticity, quality and heritage value of the participating ships, because this is our way of protecting and preserving maritime heritage. Through the recovery of the trades and technology inherited from those who were before us, we understand and honour all that knowledge, that immaterial treasure that is at risk of being lost.


This maritime celebration cannot ignore that, nowadays, the sea is a place of great tragedies and for that reason, Pasaia Itsas Festibala reinforces its commitment to serve as a platform for humanitarian causes, and that these promote values that respect the dignity of the people, safeguarding their integrity. We firmly believe that the sea must unite and not separate, and for this reason we have designed different proposals and collaborations to strengthen this idea, and so that everyone who visits us can be an active part of it. As a novelty this year and wanting to strengthen our commitment to the common good, the heart of the festival will be a solidarity market, and the economic benefits obtained will be destined to associations aligned with humanitarian values.


Pasaia Itsas Festibala is committed to respecting the natural environment in which it is inserted, promoting sustainable consumption and those Kilometer 0 products that generate wealth in the environment and the minimum possible contamination.